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2.23sI thought you were going to sing with me, Joyce. Okay.
5.81sOur top story tonight. The Rhode Island State Lottery has climbed to a record $150 million jackpot.
3.57sThat's right, Tom. Powerball fever has officially gripped Quahog.
5.14sWe sent Channel Five News Asian correspondent Tricia Takanawa around town to get the public reaction.
3.45sMayor West, what do you plan to do if you win the lottery?
4.9sWell, I'd finally splurge and buy myself one of those fancy four-piece suits.
1.89sI'd like to join your country club.
2.22sI assume that won't be a problem.
1.67sAnd what about you, sir?
2.47sWhat would you do with your lottery winnings?
2.05sI suppose I'd want what anyone would want, really.
2.67sFirst I'd get a bunch of jewels. Then I'd put them in a chest.
3.37sDrop the chest to the bottom of the ocean with some of the jewels hanging out.
2.67sDraw a rudimentary map, put the map in a bottle, put the bottle in the sea.
2.17sAnd what do you do when you need the money?
3.37sHope the bottle washes up wherever I happen to be.
3.7sAnd how about you, every Persian guy in the world?
2.18sALL: White BMW.