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1.48sI'm gonna miss you, Carstairs.
2.62sI shall miss you, too, sir.
4.92sPETER: With no one to look after, Carstairs fell into a deep depression from which he never emerged.
2.07sHe died two weeks later.
1.1sSome say of a broken heart.
1sWhat, sir?
1.7sBut that was Carstairs.
1.73sWhat the hell is going on here?
2.67sMr. Griffin, your house is being repossessed for failure to make payment.
1.98sOh, my God, the house too?
3.14s(CELL PHONE RINGING) Hello? CARTER: Did you blow all your money yet?
1.57sYes, Daddy.
1.4sAh! I knew you'd blow all your money. Love you, bye.
2.72sI can't believe it. We lost everything.
1.53sWhat do we do now?
2.49sWell, seems like our only hope is the lottery.
2.7sHoly shit, we won twice and we're right back here again.
3.64sWe had $150 million, and we blew through it in a month.
3.54sYeah, but on the bright side, if this hadn't happened, we never would've met Kyle.
1.2s- Hey. - BRIAN: Hello.
1.2sPETER: Hey there. CHRIS: What's up?
1.37sAnd that's not even Kyle.