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1.07sI can't believe this.
5.1sBender's supposed to murder his closest friend which I thought was me, but he went straight for you.
2.28sHe didn't even try to second-degree murder me.
1.54sCould you give me some help?
1.73sI think Bender crushed my foot.
1.48sStop rubbing it in.
0.88sOh, God.
2.35sFry, I'm so glad to see you.
1.07sI didn't hurt you, did I?
4.14sNot physically but why don't you ask your new best friend, Leela?
1.37sI tried to run you over?
1.93sIt was very sweet of you, Bender.
2.02sFry, it doesn't mean anything.
2sI have love enough for two.
5.51sWords, nothing but sweet, sweet words that turn into bitter, orange wax in my ears.
2.22sEnough with the feelings, you two.
5.2sIf we're going to cure Bender, we've got to go back to the castle and hunt down the original were-car.