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1.6sAh, I just need sleep.
3.7sI had nightmares all night about cars running people over.
6.15sMany people dream of a fresh new look and Mary Kay can make those dreams come true.
4.44sLook at this! They found those same rubbery tracks right here in New New York.
2.38sThere was a hit-and-run by the Robot Porno Theater.
1.12sRobot Porno Theater?
3.54sI was in that... general area last night.
4.3sWhoever ran me down out on the moors must've followed me back here.
2.72sBender, mon, no one's trying to run you over.
1.78sStop being a big hallucinating baby.
2.55sWell, could a big hallucinating baby do this?
1.8sI'm scared.