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1.59sbut Grandpa and government don't get along.
1.56sALIEN: He saved my life.
1.56s- What? - Huh?! Whoa!
2.37sAre you Krombopulos Michael's target?
1.13sW-what's your name?
1.93sMy kind has no use for names.
3.56sl communicate through what you call "Jessica's Feet" --
1.7sNo, "Telepathy."
1.02sOh, good job, Morty.
1.49sY-you killed my best customer,
1.83sbut you saved a mind-reading Fart.
1.83sI like this name -- Fart.
4.63sMarty, would you kindly release me by pulling that lever to the left of my cell?
1.87slam in great pain.
1.97sRICK: Marty, don't do it.
1.06sundefined Marty, you idiot.
1.59sOh, crap. Let's get you out of here!
1.56sWe can't get him out of here. He's gaseous.
1.83sHe's not gonna make it through a portal, Marty,
1.87sWell, then, I guess we're all getting in the car.
1.37sRight, uh -- Fart.
1.7sNo! Just -- j-just get in the car!
1.02sMarty, come on.
1.3sI want to go back to Blips and Chitz.
1.06sI don't want to deal with this.
2.86sRick, you've been clear on the fact that you don't want to help, so just go away.
1.66sMore are coming.
1.87sScrew this. I'm out.