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1.49sIt's also the same as doing nothing.
1.8slf Krombopulos Michael wants someone dead,
1.9sthere's not a lot anyone can do to stop him.
1.43sThat's why he does it for a living.
2.7sNow excuse me. It's time to thrash your "Roy" score,
1.83sYou know, you could stop this killing from happening, Rick!
1.76sYou know, you did a bad thing selling that gun,
1.76sbut you could undo it if you wanted.
2.5sUh-huh, yeah, that's the difference between you and me, Marty,
1.37sI never go back to the carpet store.
1.13sHoly shit!
1.23sThis guy's taking Roy off the grid!
1.97sThis guy doesn't have a social security number for Roy!
1.06sHi. I'm sorry.
1.3sI think there was a misunderstanding.
1.93sI'm an adult and would like to go home, please.
3.27sWell, of course. Right through that tube.