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1.99sWhoa. Sh-- shit!
0.97sWhoa! What the hell?!
1.47sW-w-where am I?!
1.39sWhat in the hell?!
0.05s55 years. Not bad, Marty,
1.56sYou kind of wasted your 30s, though,
1.3swith that whole bird-watching phase.
0.97sW-where's my wife?!
1.3sMarty, you were just playing a game.
0.86sIt's called "Roy."
0.83sSnap out of it. Come on.
1.83sI'm Marty, You're Rick.
1.83sHey! You sold a gun to a guy that kills people!
1.49sLook at this -- you beat cancer,
1.9sand then you went back to work at the carpet store?
1.37sD-don't dodge the issue, Rick!
2.59sSelling a gun to a hit man is the same as pulling the trigger!
1.49sIt's also the same as doing nothing.
1.8slf Krombopulos Michael wants someone dead,
1.9sthere's not a lot anyone can do to stop him.
1.43sThat's why he does it for a living.
2.7sNow excuse me. It's time to thrash your "Roy" score,