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2.9sY-you know what those guys do in -- in -- in their fancy boardrooms?
3.26sThey take their balls and they dip them in cocaine and wipe them all over each other.
1.19sYou know, Grandpa goes around,
1.83sand he does his business in public,
1.66sbecause Grandpa isn't shady.
1.37sAw, crap.
0.93sHey, what's up?
1.52sHey, Rick!
1.76sHere you go -- 3,000 flerbos.
1.19sDo you have the weapon?
1.02sC-can we please?
1.7sThis is my grandson, Marty,
1.66sOh, hi, Morty. l'm Krcombcopulcos Michael.
2.09sI'm an assassin. I buy guns from your grandpa.
1.19sHere. Go away.
1.59sOoh! Yeah, this looks deadly.
1.37sSo, this shoots antimatter?
2.37sMy target can't be killed with regular matter.
1.23sNice to meet you, Marty,
1.06sListen, if you ever need anybody murdered,
1.7splease give me a call.
0.95sI'm very discreet.
0.02sYou're g-giving him a card?!
1.19sl have no code of ethics.
1.73sI will kill anyone, anywhere --
2.66sChildren, animals, old people -- doesn't matter.
1.23sljust love killing.
2.2sYou sell weapons to killers for money?
3.84sYou've got what the intergalactic call a very planetary mind-set, Marty,
1.8sIt's more complicated out here.
1.26sThese are flerbos.
3.9sDo you understand what two humans can accomplish with 3,000 ofthese? Uh, what?
4.44sAn entire afternoon at Blips and Chitz!