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1.2sRide the walrus.
6.32sLadies and gentlemen the Omicronians!
1.73sGreetings, Earth morsels.
1.27sYou suck!
1.57sGet a job!
2.1sI'll miss you, Leela.
5.97sI know you're just a carbon-based life-form but I'll always think of you as a big pile of titanium.
5.17sWhat Bender means is, you're really brave and smart and beautiful and a great friend.
1.77sjust like titanium.
1.2sThis is all a big load.
2.57sI was the one trying to save the Popplers.
5.71sYou were sucking them down like the fat hog you are and you were stepping on them for fun.
2.5sYou both should be in here instead of me.
1.97sSomeone's acting awfully aluminum.
2.4sLeela, my sweet, I've come to save you.
1.57sI have a devious plan.
3.54sOh, great. Captain Moron has a plan.