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1.53sShut up, shut up, shut up.
2.3sOh, don't force your tired philosophy on us.
3.7sI mean, the only reason we don't eat people is because it tastes lousy.
0.83sYou're all nuts.
1.6sShut up. Let me talk.
1.03sYou shut up, please.
1.33sNo, you shut up, please.
4.8sPopplers are no smarter than any other animal I've served and that includes cats.
2.15sMean old caca-head.
2sSir, I'm making a point.
4.72sIf these gutter-mouth creatures are so smart why don't they defend themselves, huh?
0.9sStop it.
2.17sI call murder on that.
2.34sLook, I'm willing to grant that it's murder.
1.5sThe real issue is...
1.38s...who's going to stop me?