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1.95sI'm joe Gillman.
2.35sYou're some guy who eats at Fishy joe's?
0.9sHell, no.
1.03sI am Fishy joe.
5.87sI've got a fast-food franchise on every planet in the known universe except McPluto.
3.55sHey, Fishy, I've been meaning to write you about your in-store kiddie parks.
2.03sThe slides won't support an adult robot.
1.37sGood point. Not interested.
1.77sBut these Popplers, these are great.
1.63sHow much you sell them for?
1.07sA dollar a dozen.
1.5sYou'll never make money that way.
4.34sYou supply them to me and I'll sell them for two bucks a dozen at my restaurants.
1.77sI'll even pay you a dollar a dozen.
1.23sYes! I'm going to be rich!
2.43sYou, too, but it's hard to get excited about that.
1.07sHow do we sign?