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3.17sThat has people living in it. You can see them through the windows.
0.45sLousy showoffs.
2.87sLook! It's jimmy Carter!
3.89sCould you build us a house, President Carter? We can't go back to ours.
2.22sI'm sorry. These are for the truly needy.
2.57sYeah. Get your own habitat.
2.93sCome on, Carter. Build us a house, you lazy bum!
2.34sYou have offended me, sir. I challenge you to--
2.1sCome back here! Why, you yellow-bellied--
2.47sCome on! Move it! Where are we going, Dad?
2.89s- How should I know? - Then why are you driving so fast?
2.22s'Cause I'm trying to think!
2.47sWhat would Zorro do?