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2.9sWow. A free beer.
3.04sAnd I owe it all to a little glove slap.
3.87sGlove slap - Baby, glove slap Hmm!
3.29sA glove slap to the little ol' face
5.59sWill get you satisfaction
3.35sGlove slap, baby
2.02sA glove slap, baby
3.44sGlove slap Baby, glove slap
2.87sGlove slap i don't take crap
4.32sGlove slap shut your big yap
2.58sComing through. Challenge. Duel. Hi, Lenny. How dare you? Demand satisfaction.
2.89s"Suh," your challenge is accepted.
3.92sHuh? I agree to the duel, "suh." I choose pistols at dawn.
4.65sPistols at dawn? Oh, why did I have to slap a guy who says "suh"?
2.64sYou'll need a will and a headstone. Aisle six.
3.44sAisle six?