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3.52snine and 10.
3.15sWhat is that intoxicatin' aroma?
2.94sCould that be-- I say, could that be mincemeat pie?
4sIt certainly is. Why don't you put down your gun and have a slice?
2.02sAh, don't mind if I do.
2.32sHey! Are we duelin' or what?
2.44sOh, where are my manners?
4.5sYou okay, Dad? I think so. The bone stopped the bullet.
3.4sDad, this might be one of those things you should go to the hospital for.
2sAfter pie.
3.44sGlove slap Shut your big yap
3.14sGlove slap Baby, glove slap
3.3sOoh, glove Baby, that's where it's at
2.28sYeah Glove, baby
2.07sGive it a slap