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1.2sThis is a celebrity!
5.76sWOODS: Being a famous movie star entitled me to top-notch medical care not available to the rest of society.
3.45sMy body was immediately taken to a Hollywood hospital,
2.82swhere I was hooked up to a 17-year-old ingenue.
1.78sAnd in accordance with Hollywood law,
2.2sher life force was infused into me,
1.5sbringing me back from the dead.
1.6sTOM: What happened to the girl?
1.9sWOODS: I threw her out a car window at Nora Ephron.
3.12s(GRUNTS) Stop making Jack Nicholson a homo!
1.57sYou're thinking of Nancy Meyers!
1.63sWOODS: You're the same thing!
1.32sWow. That's amazing.
2.27sSo, what do you say, Peter? Will you be my agent?
2.84sI don't get it. Why would a big shot like you want me for an agent?
2.57sBecause you're an up-and-comer, because you're hungry.
1.67sI am hungry.
2.65sBut you put me and my family through a lot of crap over the years.
1.05sWhy would I want to help you?
1.43sWell, because you're my agent.
1.92sOh, my God, you're right! I am!
2.13sHey, hold on now. You came out here to be my agent.