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1.83sWho the fuck are these people?
1.6sAll right, Tom, this is totally gonna work.
2.37sAll the biggest Hollywood players eat here,
2.04sand we just got to make them think we're one of them.
2.53sThat's why I got these old Hollywood Jew glasses.
1.33sWaiter! Oh, waiter!
1.73sYes, sir. Are you gentlemen ready to order?
2.02sYes, I will have the Big and Fancy,
2.43sand my client here will have a bottle of your best steak.
1.38sRight away, sir.
3.07sPeter, I'm not sure what any of this has to do with getting me acting jobs.
1.05sTom, who's the agent here?
1.03sYou are.
1.67s- And who is the actor? - Well, I am.
1.94sWait, which one am I, again? The agent.
1.1sAnd who's paying for dinner?
1.23sI assumed you were.
3.57sAh, then we best load our pockets with bread and get the hell out of here.
2.64sWe have to go! Not expensive enough!
3.6sExcuse me, I couldn't help but notice your glasses, your poor table manners,
1.83sand your huge sense of entitlement.
1.93sAre you an agent? I am.
1.9sYou've got 10 seconds to dazzle me. Go!