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3.07s- Hey, where's your candy? - We don't have any. Now, go away!
4.67sOlder people don't eat much candy, Bart, but I could bake you some cookies.
3.54sCan't remember the last time she made cookies for me.
0.55sWhat's that?
1.27sOh, n-nothing.
1.75sAll right. His story checks out.
3.05sMarge, would you love me more if I were president?
2.24s'Cause I'll do it if it'll make you happy.
4.94sHomie, as long as you keep the car full of gas, I'm happy.
2.54sWell, you can always depend on that.
2.6sAnd since I'd achieved...
4.4sall my goals as president in one term,
3.27sthere was no need for a second.
2.47sThe end.
2.6sMmm. Good memoirs.
1.57sGood, not great.
2.24sNow, let's look at that old outboard.
3.17sSoup that baby up, rattle a few windows down Kennebunkport next May.