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2.3sOh, former president George Bush!
3.57sOkay, let's give it up for the new guy!
3.44sNow, let's all turn around and pay attention to me again.
3.17sHello. Hello!
4.07sWow! A former president living right across the street!
3.7sOh, why did he have to move in on my territory? Look at him.
3.19sThinks just because he led the free world he can act like a big shot!
3.87sStupid president! Why couldn't he just stay in his own state?
4.17sActually, this is one of the nine states where Mr. Bush claims residency, Dad.
3.45sI wouldn't have voted for him, but it's nice to have a celebrity in the neighborhood.
4.79sWait a minute. If Lisa didn't vote for him, and I didn't vote for him--
2sYou didn't vote for anybody.
3.24sI voted for Prell to go back to the old glass bottle.
2.18sAfter that, I became deeply cynical.