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2.29sOur car broke down and we're out of oxygen.
1.27sCan we borrow some?
2.7sLooky here, city girl, oxygen don't grow on trees.
3.12sYou'll have to earn it doing chores on my hydroponic farm.
3.27sYou can go back to your precious theme park at sunup.
2.35sI guess we could do chores for a few hours.
2.35sFry, night lasts two weeks on the moon.
3.42sYep. Drops down to minus 173.
1.8sFahrenheit or Celsius?
1.43sFirst one, than the other.
4.34sAnd them space suits ain't' a-heated so you ain't going nowhere till sunrise.
1.5sYou can sleep in the barn.
1.87sjust don't be a-touchin'
3.7smy three beautiful robot daughters, you hear?
1.55sRobot daughters?
2.13sThis here's Lulabelle 7...
2.04sDaisy Mae 128-K...