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5.02sNo one knows where, when or how man first landed on the Moon.
1.02sI do.
4.8sBut our fungineers think it might have happened something like this.
9.43sWe're whalers on the Moon We carry a harpoon But there ain't no whales so we tell tall tales And sing a whaling tune.
1.57sThat's not how it happened.
1.27sOh, really?
2.15sI don't see you with a fungineering degree.
0.92sThis is stupid.
2.53sI'm taking this thing out to the real Moon.
1.07sFry, no.
3.37sThis is my first mission and I'm not going to let us get in any trouble.
1.37sBesides, the car's on a track.
1.53sNot for long.
3.17sWe're whalers Oh! Ow! Ooh!
2.07sI died doing what I loved.
1.23sOkay, you're on the surface.
1.37sNow, I'll give you ten minutes.
3.47sThen you'll get bored, turn around and apologize for being such a jerk.