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1.4sIt's boring out there.
5.4sYeah. You're the kind of guy who visits jerusalem and doesn't want to see the "Sexateria."
2.62sMaybe I should take Fry on the Lunar Rover Ride.
6.41sYou get to wear a space suit and drive around on the surface and the line's short because it's educational.
1.27sI don't care how educational it is.
1.28sLet's do it!
3.99sNext year in jerusalem!
2.72sTwo adults, please.
2.42sFinally, get ready for some serious moon action.
5.55sThe story of lunar exploration started with one man--
1.57sa man with a dream.
2.23sOne of these days, Alice--
4.62sBang! Zoom! Straight to the Moon!