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3.97sI like having her around because she has the same blood type as me.
4.37sHey, you're the unfrozen guy from the 20th century, right?
1.68sLast time I checked.
2.37sHang on. Amy Wong, of the Mars Wongs?
2.87sLook, we're not as rich as everybody says.
3.14sUh-huh. What sorority do you belong to?
1.02sKappa Kappa Wong.
1.4sHey, rich girl!
0.83sLook over here.
1.17sIt's me, Bender.
1.7sI'm being entertaining.
7.06sLa-la-la, look at my head it's okay to look at my head I got a big ol' head And hey! Ho!
2.2sAll right, show's over. I'm tired.
1.97sAh, to be young again...
1.67sand also a robot.
3.79sUh! Now, as I recall you youngsters have a package to deliver.