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1.17sLook, Leela, I'm sorry.
2.47sI never should have dragged you out here.
0.85sThat's right.
1.17sYou shouldn't have.
2.54sI still don't get what the big attraction is.
6.72sOh... I never told anybody this but a thousand years ago, I used to look up at the Moon and dream about being an astronaut.
3.17sI just didn't have the grades or the physical endurance.
3.6sPlus, I threw up a lot and nobody likes spending a week with me.
1.88sA week would be a little much.
8.24sThe Moon was like this awesome, romantic, mysterious thing hanging up there in the sky where you could never reach it no matter how much you wanted to.
1.17sBut you're right.
2.97sOnce you're actually here, it's just a big dull rock.
4.4sI guess I just wanted you to see it through my eyes the way I used to.