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7.64sDuring her years on the lam, Simpson led an exemplary life working as a crossing guard, oral historian, reader for the blind,
2.99slistener for the deaf and reacher for the short.
5.04sYet local villain, Montgomery Burns, seen here terrorizing children in a 19th century woodcut,
2.14sinsists that she stand trial.
7.56sKent, I want everyone in your radio picture audience to know that this woman is a menace to decent people and germ warriors everywhere!
1.03sEnd communication.
8.41s(GAVEL SLAMMING) Now, Lisa, would you agree that your grandmother is a sweet, harmless woman who could hardly be considered a menace to society?
4.6sDefinitely. If you ask me, she's far less dangerous than Bart.
2.6sIf it please the court, I would like to go ape on my sister.
2.02sI object. Judge, sidebar?
1.15sVery well.
1.35sJudge, do you have a little sister?
3.3sShe used to call me "Fatty Boomalatty."
1.5sI'll allow an Indian burn.
1.14sThank you, Your Honor.