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3.77sSo, Brian, we're even now, right? Ready to start a new life in England.
2.2sI've got my money. Your wounds have healed up nicely.
1.99sWhat do you say we let bygones be bygones?
3.94sYou shot me in both my knees, then lit me on fire. Piss off.
1.76sAll right, all right. I tell you what,
2.87s- you get one free revenge shot at me. - Okay.
2.4sBut I'm not gonna tell you when it's coming.
1.73sThis is gonna be fun.
1.49sPeter, this is crazy.
3.09sIsn't there any way the Patriots could let you back on the team?
2.03sNo, they said the decision was final.
1.97sIt's all right, Lois. I can make the best of this.
2.23sI mean, a British football team can't be that bad.
3.99sExcuse me. Hey, there. Hi. I'm Peter Griffin. I'm your new player.
2.37sOh, yes, Peter. Welcome to the Silly Nannies.
2.59sI'm the quarterback, Lesley. This is our team.