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1.97sIt's just a little spot. It'll come out.
3.03sWell, that's not gonna come out. You better take a shower.
2.9s- Mom, let me look! - Meg, stop shoving.
1.52sYou wouldn't even know what to do with it.
1.99sHe's closer to my age, you cow.
1.07sWhat the hell is this?
1.33sOh, hi, Stewie.
2.8sundefinedWe were just leaving. " say, what the devil is all the fuss about?
2.97sI don't get it. What's in there? Bing, bong! Hello!
3.06s- Hey. What's going on? - What the hell? Get out of here!
2.03sWhat? We're on the same team. We shower together.
1.23sYeah, in the locker room.
0.83sYeah, yeah, come here, you.
2.03sStop it. Knock it off. What, are you crazy?
1.93sWe're just a couple of guys messing around.