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2.06sAnd could you also get another towel?
2.03sI also threw up on this gentleman's bare lap.
1.76s- MAN: Could you wet the towel? - Wet the towel, Tom?
3.44sFor our top story tonight, we go live to terrific haircut Bob Costas
2.06sas he talks with local man Peter Griffin,
2.47swho is living his dream of playing for the New England Patriots.
0.59sThanks, Tom.
1.4sI'm fond of your hair, as well.
3.63sI'm standing here with Tom Brady and his newest teammate, Peter Griffin.
3.3sHey, Ma! Check it out! I'm married to a pro athlete!
1.52sWhat do you think of that?
1.37sWe're really excited to have Peter.
2.47sI think he's gonna make a great addition to a great team.
3.16sI want to thank God. I want to thank the Lord God.