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1.7sCome on, we're running out of time.
2.27sOh, Meg, all your suicide threats over the years,
2.53sand you're just as chicken shit as the rest of us.
2.87sHey, guys, I think I have an idea that could help us.
4.02sIn Space Camp, we learned about countering forward momentum with retro rockets.
5.47sIf we use them now, the ship might slow down enough for gravity to pull us out of orbit.
3sPETER: That's an egg that I hucked at you for being a nerd.
1.65sChris, if you think it'll help, just try it!
1.65sOh, we're slowing down. That's a good sign.
2sYou know what's not slowing down? Breaking Bad.
2.14sHaven't seen anything like it since The Wire.
2.13sGod, he never shuts up about those shows.
2.52sOh, my God! I think it might be working!
3.49s(ALL SCREAMING) We're spinning out!
1.77sOh, my God, we're gonna die!
3.12sThere's so many things I didn't do. I never got to go to college!
2.33sMy book wasn't all I wanted it to be in spots!