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1.47sIf we don't get this shuttle out of orbit soon,
1.64swe're gonna run out of oxygen and die.
1.18sIs failure an option?
1.1sNo, it's not.
1.62sAw. That was my suggestion.
3.27sAll right, come on, everyone, we got to put our heads together and try to find a solution.
2.64sDon't worry, Griffins have a long history of figuring stuff out.
3.1sLike my great-grandfather who invented the first marital aid.
1.92sThis gives me an idea.
1.62sShe's dead.
3.7sAll right, come on, if Mission Control thought we could help get the shuttle out of orbit, it can't be that hard.
1.57sOkay, okay, uh, try this.
3.44sHit up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.
1.23sThen we'll have unlimited lives.
1.7sCome on, we're running out of time.
2.27sOh, Meg, all your suicide threats over the years,
2.53sand you're just as chicken shit as the rest of us.
2.87sHey, guys, I think I have an idea that could help us.