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1.42sBoy, what a mismatched pair.
2.3sA free spirit and a puppet.
1sPeter, thank God.
2.64sDid you take care of that thing?
2.8sThat thing? Oh, oh. You mean that growth?
2.32sYeah. I had the doctor look at that.
1.35sMr. Griffin, that isn't a growth.
1.43sThat's your penis.
1.17sWell, What about the--
1.97sPeter, I'm talking about the mob hit!
1.2sMom's gonna get whacked?
1.15sWhat did you do?
2.65sOh, dear, there are so many people to thank.
2.5sGod, of course, and who else?
1.87sThis is so unexpected.
1.67sOh, yes. Satan.
1.87sI'm sorry, Lois. The hit's still on.
1.93sAll I got was this wedding invitation.
1.38sWait a second, Peter.
2.44sThe don's daughter's wedding. That--That's perfect.
1.48sIt's not that perfect.
1.63sWe'll probably have to buy a gift.
2.67sAnd you know how bad I am when it comes to buying gifts.
1.97sHappy freaking birthday, Lois!
2.25sOh, My goodness, it's A...