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3.09sJeez. Lois, what are you doing lying on the couch at this hour?
1.17sHave you been drinking?
1.33sPeter, you know I never drink.
2.33sOh, yeah? Just like you never dodged the draft?
2.27sWhat are you talking about? I'm a woman.
1.47sSure you are.
1.6sPeter, I'm exhausted.
2.2sI've been in and out of taxis all day.
1.9sStewie had a doctor's appointment.
1.84sThen I had to pick Meg up after school.
1.87sI had rehearsal for Death of a Salesman.
2.05sBut We're not allowed to show death at school.
2.27sSo now at the end, we dance around with sparklers.
2.18sPeter, we really need a second car.
3sTrying to do all these errands in a taxi is exhausting.
2.44sAw, But you meet such colorful characters in taxis,
2.34slike Alex Rieger and Tony,
2.27sand that funny foreign guy who worked in the garage.
1.92sRieger, cab 402!