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3.04sYes! Good heavens! Who taught you how to eat? Mickey Rourke?
1.37sWhy do I know that name?
1.57sDamn you, Entertainment Tonight!
1.28sHi, I'm Bob Goen,
1.65sand these are Mary Hart's legs.
3.07sMary, you recently spent some time with Julia Roberts, didn't you?
1.33sMary says, "Yes."
2.64sTell me, kid. What are you, like 27?
2.1sI'm 13.
1.13sStill a minor, huh?
2.09sHey, son, how'd you like to be a coke mule?
1.73sPeter, living room?
1.82sNo, Lois. Kitchen.
2.32sPeter, I have a bad feeling about this man.
3sHe's not the kind of person I want hanging around our family.
1.47sHoney, you're overreacting.
2.27sWill you please just listen to me for once?
1.73sThat man is bad news!