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2.74sOh, uh I was only supposed to go to a movie with you.
1.4sWhat's that supposed to mean?
2.89sI mean, you know, like, like, no necking.
1.98sSo I can have dinner with you?
2.1suh, Sure.
4.77sThat would be much better than having a quiet dinner with my family, who I love and am not afraid of.
2.52sHey, Lois. This is Big Fat Paulie.
1.78sHe's gonna be joining us for dinner.
2.49sReally? What a nice surprise!
3.15sPeter, can I talk to you for a second?
3.67sPeter, you can't just bring company home at the last second without calling.
3.62sI am getting sick and tired of you doing everything without consulting me.
1.27sUh, Do you mind?
2.8sAs a matter of fact I do, you crazy broad.
2.23sI am not a crazy broad!
4.87sOh, no, Lois. He didn't mean you're crazy like, uh like Elizabeth Taylor.
3.67sHe meant you're crazy like that glue.
2.82sYou stick to things. You know, Like an adhesive.
1.57sThat's all he meant.