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1.23sYakov Smirnoff.
3.3sin Soviet Russia, car drives you!
4.54sThat's fancy and all, but I think you're bargaining for more than you can chew.
1.73sYou're in debt to the Mob.
2.94sThat means they can ask you to do anything.
2.19sRelax, Cleveland. There is no Mob.
1.73sYou're thinking of the Mob in the movies.
1.5sHow am I funny?
1.47sI don't know. You say funny things.
2.87sNo, No. I mean, I'm what? Am I George Carlin funny?
3.3sAm I Spin City funny? Rita Rudner funny? What? Come on.
1.33sRita Rudner funny.
1.3sYeah. Rita Rudner funny.
1.83sOh, my God! Thank you.
2.53sPeter, please don't underestimate them.
3.17sI guarantee you, I am never gonna hear from those guys again.
1sPeter. Ah!
2.83sIt is time to repay your favor to the don.
1.47sAw, Jeez.
2.65sAt least that's one problem solved.