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2.72sI am very upset with you right now.
1.65sOk, so I tried on your bra.
1.53sJeez, The fellas were putting on a show.
1.87sI didn't think I'd make a good Gigi either,
1.84sbut, God help me, I was flattered.
2.8sPeter, I'm upset because you never listen to me.
2.87sThis is Atlantic City all over again.
0.75sYou've got 20.
1.53sHit me. Peter, don't.
1.4s- Hit me. - 21.
1.53s- Hit me. - Peter!
1.67s- Hit me. - That's 30.
1.5sHit me.
2.02sAw, You're just mad about the car.
2.45sDon't worry. I'll think of a way to fix it.
2.3sNo. We'll think of a way to fix it!
2.77sI'm tired of being left out of all our decision-making.
1.28sOk, honey.
1.57sBy the way, I bought a chimp.
1.88sHey, Peter. Do you want a menu,
2.27sor just the usual "everything"?
1.55sAw, Shut up, Cleveland!
1.67sWant to talk about it, champ?
2.1sLois has had the car all week,
1.6sand it's just been hell getting around.
1.95sI actually had to rent a Mustang.