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1.57sYeah, climb any mountain,
1.9srent any video, dial any phone.
1.47sAnd not just our phone, Lois.
2.3sOther people's phones. Decent phones!
1.43sGod-fearing phones!
5.27sPhones that everybody else gave up on but we knew better, because we were a team!
3.27sWhat the hell are you talking about?
2.42sTurn right at fork in road.
2.97sin Soviet Russia, road forks you!
2.49sBoy, is that getting old.
2.95sI don't know about this, Lois. What if something happens to you?
2.12sI'm too old to start dating again.
1.9sOk. Bachelor Number One.
1.65sI'm an ice cream cone.
2.05sHow are you gonna eat me?
1.55sI'd invite my friend Rudy over,
2.67sand the 2 of us would give you a "double dip."
2.95sOoh. Ok, Bachelor Number 2.
3.52sI'd lick off all the cream and give you my special whipped topping.