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2.25sSo we can ask him for a favor.
2.35sSo we ask him to call off the hit.
2.8sPeter, I don't know how to explain it any clearer than that.
2.07sYou can go to the wedding and ask them not to kill Mom.
1.7sNo way. It's too dangerous.
2.45sI got you into this, and I'll get you out of it.
1.05sNo, Peter.
2.3sWhen we got married, we agreed to share our lives,
1.55sgood times and bad.
1.45sSo we'll solve this problem.
1.37sWait? You mean together?
1.72sBecause together we can do anything,
3.05sface any foe, overcome any obstacle.
1.57sYeah, climb any mountain,
1.9srent any video, dial any phone.
1.47sAnd not just our phone, Lois.
2.3sOther people's phones. Decent phones!