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2.12sexecutor of Ms. Bouvier's estate.
2.89sShe left a video will, so I earn my fee...
2.14ssimply by pressing this "Play" button.
1.92sPretty sweet, hey?
4.64sI would like to start by reading a passage from Robert Frost.
3.57s"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and--"
2.27sAll in favor of skipping the poem.
0.65sThank you.
3.15s"And that has made all the difference."
2.17sNow let's get down to business.
2.17sTo my executor, Lionel Hutz,
2.95sI leave $50,000.
1.73sMr. Hutz!
3.32sYou'd be surprised how often that works. You really would.
1.72sTo Marge, I leave my collection...
2.94sof potato chips that resemble celebrities.
2.32sThey're all here-- Otto von Bismarck,
2.9sMaurice Chevalier, right up to jay Leno.
2.67sThese chips were my children, Marjorie.
3.3sTake special care of them.