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2.08sThe funeral's in Littleneck Falls.
2.7sLooks like we'll have to go to Duff Gardens another time.
3.35sWe understand. No use complainin' about something you can't change.
3.25sBut I wanna go to Duff Gardens right now!
3.2s- Oh, Homer, quit pouting. - I'm not pouting.
1.73sI'm mourning.
2.14sStupid dead woman.
7.07sOn top of spaghetti all covered with cheese I loSt my poor meatball-- If you don't mind!
1.98sWe're on our way to a funeral.
6.72sDing dong the witch is dead Which old witch The wicked witch Homer!
3.32sPatty, Selma, I'm sorry.
2.27sMm! He's hugging us. What do we do?
2.87sjust close your eyes and think of MacGyver.
3.3sHey, Homer! This luggage is crushing me.
2.1sHey, you don't hear Lisa complaining.