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3.87sI'll have A duff you have one too
3.64sduff beer FoR me duff beer For you
9.51sI'll have A duff you have one too duff beer For me duff beer For you I wanna get off!
0.51sYou can't get off.
1.93sWe have five more continents to visit.
2.67sHey, Lise, I dare ya to drink the water.
2.2sI'm not sure that is water.
2.47sQuit it, Bart. Quit it!
1.93sQuit it! Quit it! Bart, be quiet!
1.93sLisa, drink the water!
10.04sDuff beer For me Duff beer For you I'll have A duff They're all around me! No way out!
3.94s- No way out, I tell you! - What's wrong?
2.32sNow, you just put your head right here.