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2.28sThat's what you think.
1.97sYou know, I rented another tape...
2.34sin case you felt better.
3.25s"The erotic Adventures of Hercules."
3.62sWith Norman Fell as Zeus. Whoo-hoo!
3.44sDuff beer For me Duff beer For you
3.87sI'll have A duff you have one too
3.64sduff beer FoR me duff beer For you
9.51sI'll have A duff you have one too duff beer For me duff beer For you I wanna get off!
0.51sYou can't get off.
1.93sWe have five more continents to visit.
2.67sHey, Lise, I dare ya to drink the water.
2.2sI'm not sure that is water.
2.47sQuit it, Bart. Quit it!
1.93sQuit it! Quit it! Bart, be quiet!
1.93sLisa, drink the water!