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2.55sLike I can't shoplift with my mouth.
3.57sWow. Look at all this stuff.
3.29sOh, look, Jaclyn Smith has her own line of axe heads!
4.24sYeah, it's impressive. But I still haven't found the perfect gift for Marge,
2.8sonly imperfect stuff for me.
3.15sHey, look. It's "Hairy Ass" Tubman.
5.05s(LAUGHING) Well, well, if it isn't Fatty and Smell-ma.
1.52sYour names can't hurt us.
5.22s(MOANS) Aunts Patty and Selma, can you help us pick out a Mother's Day gift?
3.7sYou can give her one of these, the Kitchen Carnival.
3.32sWe got one when we appeared on an episode of The Price is Right,
2.8swhich the network refused to air.
3.27sApparently, we're not "TV pretty."
3.14sWow! It's a machine that makes carnival food at home!