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3.3sBill, Peter's an antitrust lawyer with the Justice Department.
3.05sAh, Just kidding. He's a fisherman, or some stupid thing.
0.9sHey, fellas.
1.88sWow! Ted Turner!
1.52sI told you guys not to invite him.
1.47sOh, He must've followed us.
2.87sCome on, ladies. Are we gonna play cards or what?
1.02sPeter, why don't you deal?
2.2sOk, guys. We're playing Texas Hold 'Em.
1.37sAre aces high or low?
1.3sThey go both ways.
2.18sHa! He said, "They go both ways."
1.83sLike a bisexual.
1.94sThank you, Ted. That was the joke.
3.12sI see your bet, Carter. And I raise you C.N.N.
1.07sOh, I don't think I can--
1.3sWait, wait, wait.
1.97sYou can beat him, Mr. Pewterschmidt. He's bluffing.
2.19sPeter, he just bet C.N.N. There's no way he's bluffing.
2.1sI'm sure he is. He's got a tell.
2.4slisten, If you lose this hand, I'll divorce your daughter.
2.34sI'm in. All right, Teddy. I'll see your C.N.N.
1.6swith U.S. Steel. What do you goT?