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2.72sAh, Thanks for bringing me here, Lois. This is just what I needed.
3.44sAh, I'm glad. It seems like everybody's having a lot of fun.
1.85sSo, How long are you and your family in town?
2.3sAh, Ah, Ah, Ah. No conversation.
3.39sYou idiot! I'm never taking you to my country club again!
1.43sLook, I'm sorry, Mr. Pewterschmidt.
1.47sYour husband is a moron!
1.84sHe walks up to the premier of China,
3.8sand says, "Dong, where is my automobile?"
3.64sLois, I tried to fit in with your dad's crowd, but it's worse than before.
2.7sI tell you, This sucks worse than that time I was on Survivor.
3.8sHow dare you wash your clothes in our drinking water, Bebe?
4.64sNow how are we gonna survive in this harsh, unforgiving terrain?
2.57sAll right Donny, make sure the wheel goes all the way around.
0.9sOh--Oh, no.
1.17sHead... hunters.
1.64sAm I fired?
3.37sDaddy, Peter's been trying really hard to get you to like him.
1.4sCouldn't you give him another chance?
2sLet him join your poker game tomorrow night?
3.27sSorry, honey. I'd rather be stuck in an elevator with Nathan Lane,