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1.63sWhat does "neutered" mean?
1.9sYou're almost there, Sea Breeze.
2.62sOh, and, uh, Also, uh, i--I didn't bring this up before,
2.7sbut, uh, promise me you won't eat any of them.
2.54sYou know, Brian, It occurs to me that this is like a Greek tragedy,
2.77swhere a man must choose between himself and his children.
2.87sOf course, you'll be playing the role of "Sans Testaclese."
2.67sWe're ready for you, down the hall.
1.93sAre you sure you want to go through with this, Brian?
2.3sBecause, you know, you could have puppies with another dog.
1.77sOh, and Maybe with a condor.
1.87sYeah, Then you'd have flying puppies.
2.84sWould you like that, Brian? Huh? Flying puppies?
1sNo, Peter.
1.43sThose puppies in there are mine.
2.07sAnd I'll give anything to be with them.