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2.94sThere. I just saved you 2 long, boobless hours.
2.87sHow convenient! Blame it on someone else.
2.65sIs that the kind of man we want raising these puppies?
1.7sOh, y-You got to believe me, Your Honor.
3.12sUh, Peter, I'm putting together another card game. You in?
1.33sYou--You want me to play?
3.67sBut first I want you to testify against that horny mutt of yours.
1.62sOh, i--i don't know if I can do that.
1.4sOoh, That's too bad.
2.27sBecause Bill and Michael really want to see you again.
3.37sThey're coming over later and Bill's going to bring his Stretch Armstrong.
2.74sOh, man! And his arms stretch out to next week!
2.82sYour Honor, Peter Griffin would like to take the stand.
4.5sMr. Griffin, Which of the following 2 phrases best describes Brian Griffin?
2.57s"Problem drinker" or "African-American haberdasher"?
2.77sUm, i--I guess "problem drinker." But that's--
5.47sThank you. Now, "Sexual deviant" or "magic picture that if you stare at it long enough you see something"?
2.07sWell, "Sexual deviant," but that other one's not even--