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2.54sSilence! You have invaded the chamber...
3.97swhere I wrote all of my 150 psalms.
4.34sI hope you enjoy hearing them all.
2.7sNumber one. "Blessed is the man...
3.64swho does not walk in the council of the wicked."
2.05sWhat do you hit 'em with?
3.79sThere's no mallet. You can stop Satan with your faith.
3.75sMy face? You callin' me ugly? No, no, no, no. I think you're beautiful.
0.67sOh, that's it!
2.77sOoh, what can I get you, little Christian?
2.5sHow about a Noah's Ark of jellies?
1.95sOh, are there two of every flavor?
3.54s- Nope. They're all the same-- plain. - Oh.
2.17sHow about a Maude mask?
2.92sI'm Maude. God is super!
2.17sCan I sit in the car?
1.77sLet's both sit in the car.