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2.08sWhat's going on here?
2.64sWhy aren't you all out destroying the professor's books?
3.22sHermes, aren't you curious about the fact that there's two of everybody?
4.37sNo. Now, like my granny used to say, back in her tar-paper shack on Montego Bay,
4.39s"If you want a box hurled into the sun, you got to do it yourself."
1.93sYour granny can go to hell!
4.37sI've hidden the box so no one can destroy the home universe of my handsome friend here.
2.57sOh, go on! W-Wait a second.
4.87sIf your Hermes was about to destroy the box containing our universe--
0.49sThen your Hermes--
3.71sOh, my!
3.09sAnd sure enough--
1.85sLike Granny said,