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2.25si flipped a coin to decide if I should proceed.
3.57sBut it came up tails, so I didn't. How'd it go?
2.62sWell, getting the brain out was the easy part.
2.3sThe hard part was getting the brain out.
3.6sOh, you!
2.32sSo, tell me about yourself.
3.37sWell, don't look into it, but I'm a respected internal medicine doctor.
1.98sOoh, a can!
3.22sAs for me, I design mansions, then live in them.
2.87sOh, I'm lying.
2.47sI'm an appalling failure!
3.3sMe too! A big fat one.
4.07sAnd those coworkers, always looking down on us Zoidbergs.
2.17sWhat are they, from Nob Hill?
3.27sThey're all like, "Stop spraying me with ink, Zoidberg."