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2.4sGood point. What do you say we just hit a strip joint?
2.47sI was waiting for one of us to say that.
2.1sWhoo-hoo! Yea!
2.37sBender "A," you're a prince among robots.
2.7sCan you forgive me for distrusting you?
5.24sOh, I can't stay mad at what is essentially me. I love me.
2.82sThis is so great!
2.49sI always wanted an imaginary friend.
2.4sI'm not imaginary. I'm parallel.
2.43sWe're exactly the same, right down to the--
3.05sSplech! Is that pink nail polish?
2.03sIs that not pink nail polish?
4.5sThe professor's right, you are evil and shallow!